About Us

KidsCare neuro-paediatric Centre is not just an organization, but a collective, committed concept, of paving the way to a brighter future and a life of independence for children with neurological disorders.

Our highly experience team of Paediatric Neurologist and Therapists use holistic and family centric approach to provide comprehensive Neuro-rehabilitation and therapeutic intervention.


We, at KidsCare offer comprehensive Paediatric Neurology services to newborn to adolescent children. We are equipped to investigate and manage complicated neurological problems.  

Every year, we deal with over several thousand pediatric patients  through our specialized clinical programs.

We have a team of qualified, sincere and talented doctors and therapists who ensure the patients get the best possible treatment and care.

Why opt for us?

We offer your kids compassionate care and importance they deserve, no matter what type of ailment or condition they have. From diagnosis to treatment, and post procedure care, we ensure the kids are treated in the best possible way and all of their requirements are met. With proper therapies and interventions it is possible to manage complex epilepsies, developmental conditions like Autism and ADHD.

We believe that every child deserves best in class medical treatment and care, and work relentlessly in providing truly world class medical care at an affordable Cost.