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Physiotherapists at KidsCare are trained in Paediatric Physiotherapy and are NDT certified, they have more than 10 years experience in managing children with various neurological problems.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

- Paediatric physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy that helps children to achieve maximum functional potential.
- It aims to improve strength, balance, coordination and flexibility.
- This facilitates the achievement of gross motor milestones like neck holding, rolling, sitting, standing, walking as well as fine motor skills.

Neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT)

- An evolving “living concept” in management of neuromotor impairments in children
- Facilitates active participation from the child
- Prepares all systems (like neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and sensory) for function
- Based on motor learning concepts, including changing the environment, verbal reinforcement and self-initiated movement
- Functional goals are set after discussion with the child and family
- Addresses entire person- including family
- Each child is different- so treatment is INDIVIDUALIZED
- Focusses on teaching of activities of daily living (routine activities)
- Emphasizes age-appropriate activities

Useful in Children with:

- Cerebral palsy
- Down syndrome
- Other genetic syndromes with sensory-motor impairments
- Erb’s palsy
- Muscular dystrophy
- Developmental delay
- Spina bifida
- Spinal muscle atrophy
- Toe walking
- Frequent falling while walking
- Awkward pattern of walking

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My baby has delayed birth cry, how can I identify any delay in development?

Most of the children with delated cry at birth will do well and have normal development. Small percentage of children will go on to develop developmental delay. Please look at the normal developmental milestones for the age. If you have concerns with their development you should contact your Paediatrician/Paediatric Neurologist.

My baby is 4 months old, she doesn’t hold neck. Should we wait or should we start therapy?

A child not able to hold his neck at this age in not normal. You need to consult your doctor, child needs details developmental assessment.
An early intervention is always preferred in cases of developmental delay.

My child has a stiff body. Will massage help?

Spasticity can be a cause of stiffness. Massage may increase stiffness.
Physiotherapist must be consulted for supervised intervention.

My child has been diagnosed with CP. We will celebrate his Birthday only after he stands on his own. When do you think we will celebrate?

Physiotherapy is the mainstay of management for a child with CP and it definitely helps to improve the motor function of the child. Nevertheless, celebration of birthday or going for vacation should not depend on achievement of a milestone by the child. They should have normal life.

My 3 year old child has difficulty in walking and falls frequently. Can walking aid/ appliance help?

At 3 years of age child is at the learning stage of running but frequent falls details evaluation. A well structured exercise program and prescription of suitable aid/appliance by a paediatric physiotherapist can be extremely helpful to improve balance and reduce falls.

My child keeps her neck tilted towards one side. Can Physiotherapy help?

Tilted neck can be due to muscle imbalance because of various reasons including torticollis. Physiotherapy intervention is very useful to increase symmetry.

My child doesn’t use one hand since birth. How can Physiotherapy help?

It can be due to Erb’s Palsy or Infantile Hemiplegia. Early Physiotherapy intervention helps to improve the strength and prevent secondary complications.

My child prefers W sitting. What should I do?

W sitting must be avoided as this position is not considered adequate for the development of hip joint. It results in difficulty in walking and intoeing gait.
A physiotherapist can prescribe specific exercises to improve the condition and help the to sit in alternate ways.

My child walks in awkward pattern. How can that be altered?

Awkward walking pattern can be due to muscle weakness and/or tightness. Strengthening and/or stretching exercises can help to improve walking efficiency as well as aesthetic appearance.

My child seems to be clumsy, avoids participation in sports, dance and other physical activities in school. Do we need to consult a physiotherapist?

If a child is not able catch up with the peer group for physical activities at school, a child needs thorough evaluation by a physiotherapist, based on which exercise can be planned. Graded exercise plan can help to improve performance in physical activities of the child.

My child has dystonic CP, why he is not gaining weight inspite of eating properly?

Dystonic movements keeps the muscle activated spending more energy which hampers cellular growth and poor weight gain. we need to keep the muscles relaxed through medicines and proper therapy.

Can child with CP feed themselves?

Yes, they may need mild modifications in utensils and strengthening of appropriate muscles through therapy.