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Occupational Therapy can benefit children with Learning and Behavioural Disorders, Developmental Delays, Visual and Hearing impairments, Emotional Disturbances like Autism and ADHD.

They may learn to function more freely in a developmental or sensory integration program. Some conditions, such as emotional disturbances, can be controlled or improved by the use of therapy.

The purpose of OT is to help strengthen the coordination between brain and body to gain and/or enhance function in daily living.

Areas we address in Occupational Therapy are:

- Sensory Processing Skills
- Self-regulation
- Independence
- Fine Motor Skills
- Gross Motor Skills
- Visual Perception
- Memory and Cognition
- Handwriting Difficulties
- School Readiness
- Play

OT helps to build Child’s ability to play, perform and interact with people and objects at appropriate as per developmental level. It helps in functional independence of a child.

Our Occupational Therapists are experienced in managing Children with various behavioural difficulties and we aim for Result oriented family centric approach.

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