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Special Education is aimed at improving the academic, social and self help skills of individuals with special needs. It addresses significant cognitive or physical deficits, through a multi-sensory program drawn out with a view to maximize the child's potential to the fullest.

A child with differentiated or special needs isn’t always able to adjust in a formal school setting owing to the fallacies and backlogs he/she suffers in their physical, social or cognitive setup and needs the assistance of special education.

Special educator is responsible for carefully drafting a customized learning plan with all the specific teaching and training tools. They assist and guide the child to achieve the possible learning outcomes decided at the onset of the Individualized Learning Program (IEP).

A child with special needs is usually recognized in the early three years of schooling. The special education does not guarantee cure but early intervention can suppress it to a great extent to help the child be exposed to the mainstream education.


Special educators at KidsCare function on Individualized Learning Program (IEP) for evaluating and fostering a child’s progress towards his/her well being in the long run. Components of such a plan drafted at the special education centre at KidsCare are:

- Listing of goals related to the child.
- Specifying the services/ actionable program to be received by the child.
- Evaluating performance goals achieved.
- Identifying the specialists and other therapists who will be working with the child.
- Revamping IEPs according to child development barometer, if necessary.

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