Epilepsy Awareness - Do's & Don'ts

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Epilepsy Awareness - Do's & Don'ts

Epilepsy - Do's

  • Try to prevent a fall
  • Lay the person on floor on safe area
  • Clear the area f sharp obiects or furniture
  • Cushion the person's head
  • Loosen the tight clothing especially around the neck
  • Turn the person on his /her side
  • Stay till professional help arrives/ person recover
  • Monitor vitals


Epilepsy - Don'ts

  • Don't put your fingers in the person's mouth
  • Don't force anything between the teeth
  • Don't make person to smell shoes, onions etc
  • Don't restrain the patient
  • Don't move the person during seizures
  • Don't give anything by mouth until seizures stop/person is alert
  • Don't attempt to give oral medications

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